Because it is the small things that we do together that can make a difference !

potatura5  Today, the world gives us a challenge to discover or rediscover a harmonised, community based way of living that supports our quest for happiness.


Leaving behind a world that exploits Nature, where human being have lost part of their responsibility and autonomy requires that we learn, train and strengthen ourselves in order to live together with our values of tolerance, solidarity, compassion and respect for Nature intact.

Most of what we buy uses a lot of energy and natural resources, a lot more than if were making them ourselves. Today, our way of consuming is responsible for much ecological pollution.
At a time when we have scarce resources and when our budgets are tight, It becomes fundamental to be able to ensure we these basic needs at a locally . True ecology requires us to be more self-reliant. On the contrary, we have specialized and a lot of youngsters, especially from cities and those formally educated, are looking for this basic know how: growing our own food, repairing things at home, handyman,, sewing…


The challenge is to relearn these skills in order to be more responsible for our actions and be able to help each other better through possible economic difficulties.



It is not learning by sitting on a chair or typing on our computer keyboard. It is an education of manners, of relationships, of know-how resulting in our actions being in tune with our values.



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