It’s the Italian wine that makes VIPs drunk

International farm owners in Italy increased 11 % this year. It’s all about quality


Foreign entrepreneurs are shopping through vineyards and orchards in Italy. In recent years, of the great european crisis, foreign farm owners in Italy have increased by 11% and are now 17,286. Among them tycoons, big brands, young people with the cult of Made in Italy, Hollywood stars that have chosen a corner of Italy as their retreat and then started making wine, honey and olive oil. This was revealed by INEA – Infocamere –  and released during the National Meeting of Coldiretti.

And it’s the Italian wine that makes VIPs drunk. A precursor was the late Swedish coach Nils Liedholm that, more than twenty years ago,  bought a farm in Monferrato, now successfully run by his son. Carole Bouquet produces a Raisin in Pantelleria, Mick Hucknall , frontman of the Simply Red produces a red wine on the Elba. Sting makes an excellent Chianti Classico in the historic palace of Figline Valdarno, Bob Dylan has signed a red IGT wine, sold all over the world, former French footballer Vincent Candelà makes the Castelli Romani. Former chief executive of Time Warner, Richard Parsons, produces a sumptuous Brunello di Montalcino and Russian tycoon Tariko Roustam, owns the Ganciad. The founder of Canal Plus, Michel Thoulouze, produces his white wine in the island of Sant’Erasmo, in the Venice Lagoon.

Italy is an irresistible brand. Some areas more than others. Nearly half of foreign entrepreneurs focus their attention on five areas : first of all Tuscany (2392 companies), then Sicily (2206), Veneto (1235), Lazio (1215) and Campania (1199). The Italian territories with the highest tourist value. As for the passport of the investors: most of the farmers are Swiss Italians (16.0 percent of the total). Followed by Germans (15.2) and France (7.7), than citizens from the U.S. (4.4) and UK (4.3). Foreigners belive in Italian food, and wine, that increase export numbers year after year: for the first time in 2013 – the sole export of wine – is expected to reach 5 billion euro, a fair amount, that sends Italy over the top of the world’s finest producers.

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